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World famous SkypeTM makes millions of users enjoy free long-distance call, however, user has to use headset,microphone and make all control via PC.


4 port FXO

The Norwell Appliance is a complete Asterisk powered IP-PBX with four FXS/FXO modules, It is an embedded system with built-in SIP/IAX proxy server and NAT functions. It provide a solid, uniform platform for traditional PSTN communications as well as VoIP communications

Targeting for small and medium businesses (SMB) with an easy integration, Norwell Appliance provides a cost-saving solution on their telecommunication/data needs. With Norwell Appliance,company with branch offices in different countries can be easily combined together to work like a virtual single office through internet.

ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter)


ATA is an Internet based one FXS port VoIP gateway. It adapts SIP protocol and multiple voice compression codec to directly convert analog voice into IP packet for internet transport, thus effectively using the existing bandwidth to provide PSTN quality voice service. Norwell ATA offers one 10/100Mbps Ethernet interface and one RJ11 telephone interface. It is compatible with various IPPBX and VoIP voice gateway to provide broadband IP voice service.

We will complete your decision on moving your business with totally cost effective and flexible telephone system with asterisk IP-PBX. Giving a guaranteed satifaction on your needs.

Norwell Engineering...

Get your IP-PBX hook with our new WLAN Phone and Bring your local extension everywhere in the office! 

3502/3502A/3504A FXS is a two-port/four-port telephone extension to IP network gateway and support H.323 v2/v3/v4 or SIP RFC 3261protocol. It provides telephone services and T.38 fax over IP network with easy operation and configuration for ITSP / ISP (Internet Telephony Services Provider) and Office / SOHO IP-PBX application.

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-Customizable IVRS menu/Auto-Attendant/Multi-level
-Voice mail
-Direct inward system access (DISA)
-Call forward, Call waiting, Call transfer
-Call Conference
-Call Queues
-Dynamic and Static Meetme Conference
-Excellent OSLEC (Open Source Line Echo Canceller
-Supports centralize Paging system
-Music on hold wav format
-PSTN analog trunk (up to four PSTN trunks)
-Flexible dial plan
-Replaceable MMC/SD memory for expandable voicemail storage
-6-15 concurrent calls Up to 50 locals without any card

ATA 171/172/171P

ATA (VoIP) will still consider using analog phone with your IP-PBX.

Norwell is also skilled in maintaining and assisting installation on traditional PBX, with our skilled engineers we assure you of continuous support to give a better telephone system


Norwell has already partnered on many big deployments of Foreign Asterisk IP-PBX Solutions Provider here in the Philippines. We are open to give your deployment a support to save you money and time by managing preparatory works for your Asterisk IP-PBX deployments. Your after Sales support is worry less through our open partnership with your company (Short-term or Long-Term


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